The Cottage Grove Area Historical Society was formed in 1987 through the efforts of Bob Felten, Kristi Williams, Hugh Wallace and several of Hugh's classmates many of whom lived in the village. They may have inserted "Area" in the name to include the township. Its original focus was gathering information via oral sharing among those coming to monthly meetings. Since then there have been about three different groups of active members and the focus has changed.

Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization. Our purpose is to educate by preserving, advancing and disseminating information about the history of Cottage Grove, Wisconsin.


CGAHS usually has a total membership of over 100 including members on both coasts, Texas and Florida, and the northern states. However, there often are only 30 or so local active members and about 15 or 20 who regularly attend monthly meetings. The inactive members--those unable to help with activities--provide dues and other financial support, and share photos, information and artifacts. Members are also encouraged to complete and contribute one or more individual or family projects focused on some specific place, event, person or family. Dues are currently $12 per member. Membership is open to those 10 and older. Any individual or family interested in Cottage Grove's history is invited to join.

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