• Exhibits at the Hog Day Breakfast, Firemen's Festival, and other events.

  • Exhibits in the Cottage Grove Elementary, and Glacial Drumlin Middle School

  • Printed materials such as articles in the weekly paper for five years during the early 200s and more than forty printed reports on specific local history reports

  • An annual calendar sharing local photos

  • A Facebook page showing "then and now" photos

  • Local neighborhood meetings and programs for seniors.

  • A monthly newsletter which includes history items as well as news of the organization

  • Assisting individuals working on family or neighborhood histories.

Preservation Projects

The society has completed three preservation projects:
  • Purchasing a copy of an oil painting of former Governor William R. Taylor, and arranging for its posting in the Taylor Prairie School IMC

  • Relocating and refurbishing the first fire station.

  • Relocating and refurbishing the Word War I memorial


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Three fairly sizable CGAHS collections have emerged over the last 25 years:
  • Museum type artifacts including items used to promote businesses, tools used in homes or on farms, military uniforms and equipment, etc. A few special items such as a telescope made by a young resident who discovered comets and made his livelihood creating lenses for telescopes. We also have almost all of the Victriorian music books printed by our local composer and music master.

  • Library type artifacts including: land abstracts, obituaries, family histories and trees, fugitive papers, biographies, newspaper clippings, etc.

Library documents include:
  • More than 8,000 photos of Cottage Grove area places, people, and events from the 1850s to the 2015s. The photos are enlarged to a uniform hard copy size and also stored on an external drive.